Birds of the World

Ostrich (1 species)
Family: Rheidae
Rheas (2 species)
Family: Casuariidae
Cassowaries (3 species)
Tribe: Dromaiini
Emus (1 species)
Family: Apterygidae
Kiwis (3 species)
Family: Tinamidae
Tinamous (48 species)
Family: Cracidae
Chachalacas (50 species)
Family: Megapodiidae
Megapodes (19 species)
Family: Phasianidae
Partridges (177 species)
Family: Numididae
Guineafowl (6 species)
New World Quail (31 species)
Family: Anhimidae
Screamers (3 species)
Magpie Goose (1 species)
Whistling-Ducks (9 species)
Family: Anatidae
Subfamily: Oxyurinae
Stiff-Tailed Ducks (9 species)
Subfamily: Stictonettinae
Freckled Duck (1 species)
Subfamily: Cygninae
Swans (7 species)
Subfamily: Anatinae
Tribe: Anserini
Geese (44 species)
Tribe: Anatini
Family: Turnicidae
Buttonquails (16 species)

Order: Piciformes
Honeyguides (17 species)
Family: Picidae
Woodpeckers (220 species)
Family: Megalaimidae
Asian Barbets (26 species)
Family: Lybiidae
African Barbets (42 species)
Family: Ramphastidae
Subfamily: Capitoninae
New-World Barbets (16 species)
Subfamily: Ramphastinae
Toucans (41 species)
Family: Galbulidae
Jacamars (18 species)
Family: Bucconidae
Puffbirds (35 species)
Family: Bucerotidae
Hornbills (54 species)
Family: Bucorvidae
Ground-Hornbills (2 species)
Family: Upupidae
Hoopoes (2 species)
Woodhoopoes (5 species)
Scimitar-bills (3 species)
Family: Trogonidae
Subfamily: Apalodermatinae
African Trogons (3 species)
Subfamily: Trogoninae
Tribe: Trogonini
New-World Trogons (25 species)
Tribe: Harpactini
Asian Trogons (10 species)

Family: Coraciidae
Rollers (12 species)
Ground-Rollers (5 species)
Family: Leptosomidae
Cuckoo Roller (1 species)
Family: Momotidae
Motmots (9 species)
Family: Todidae
Todies (5 species)
Family: Alcedinidae
Fishing Kingfishers (25 species)
Family: Halcyonidae
Forest Kingfishers (61 species)
Family: Cerylidae
Family: Meropidae
Bee-eaters (26 species)
Family: Coliidae
Subfamily: Coliinae
Typical Mousebirds (4 species)
Subfamily: Urocoliinae
Family: Cuculidae
Old World Cuckoos (79 species)
Family: Centropidae
Coucals (30 species)
Family: Coccyzidae
New World Cuckoos (18 species)
Hoatzin (1 species)
Anis (3 species)
Tribe: Guirini
Guira Cuckoo (1 species)
Family: Neomorphidae
Ground-Cuckoos (11 species)
Family: Psittacidae
Parrots (360 species)

Family: Apodidae
Swifts (102 species)
Treeswifts (4 species)
Family: Trochilidae
Subfamily: Phaethornithinae
Hermits (33 species)
Subfamily: Trochilinae
Hummingbirds (304 species)
Family: Musophagidae
Subfamily: Musophaginae
Turacos (17 species)
Subfamily: Criniferinae
Plantain-eaters (6 species)
Family: Tytonidae
Barn Owls (17 species)
Family: Strigidae
Owls (172 species)
Family: Aegothelidae
Owlet-Nightjars (8 species)
Family: Podargidae
Frogmouths (3 species)
Asian Frogmouths (11 species)
Oilbird (1 species)
Family: Nyctibiidae
Potoos (7 species)
Eared-Nightjars (7 species)
Subfamily: Chordeilinae
Nighthawks (10 species)
Subfamily: Caprimulginae
Nightjars (70 species)

Family: Raphidae
Solitaires (3 species)
Family: Columbidae
Pigeons and Doves (317 species)
Order: Gruiformes
Family: Eurypygidae
Sunbittern (1 species)
Family: Otididae
Bustards (25 species)
Family: Gruidae
Subfamily: Balearicinae
Crowned-Cranes (2 species)
Subfamily: Gruinae
Cranes (13 species)
Family: Aramidae
Limpkin (1 species)
Sungrebes (3 species)
Family: Psophiidae
Trumpeters (3 species)
Family: Cariamidae
Seriemas (2 species)
Kagu (1 species)
Family: Rallidae
Rails (143 species)
Mesites (2 species)

Family: Pteroclidae
Sandgrouse (16 species)
Family: Thinocoridae
Seedsnipe (4 species)
Family: Pedionomidae
Plains-wanderer (1 species)
Family: Scolopacidae
Subfamily: Scolopacinae
Woodcock and Snipe (26 species)
Subfamily: Tringinae
Sandpipers (63 species)
Painted-snipes (3 species)
Family: Jacanidae
Jacanas (8 species)
Family: Chionidae
Sheathbills (2 species)
Magellanic Plover (1 species)
Family: Burhinidae
Thick-knees (9 species)
Family: Charadriidae
Subfamily: Recurvirostrinae
Tribe: Haematopodini
Oystercatchers (11 species)
Tribe: Recurvirostini
Stilts and Avocets (11 species)
Subfamily: Charadiinae
Family: Glareolidae
Subfamily: Dromadinae
Crab Plover (1 species)
Subfamily: Glareolinae
Family: Laridae
Subfamily: Larinae
Tribe: Stercorariini
Skuas and Jaegers (8 species)
Tribe: Rynchopini
Skimmers (3 species)
Tribe: Larini
Gulls (51 species)
Tribe: Sternini
Terns (45 species)
Subfamily: Alcinae
Auks (22 species)

Family: Accipitridae
Subfamily: Pandioninae
Osprey (1 species)
Subfamily: Accipitrinae
Hawks and Eagles (237 species)
Secretarybird (1 species)
Family: Falconidae

Grebes (22 species)
Tropicbirds (3 species)
Family: Sulidae
Gannets and Boobies (10 species)
Family: Anhingidae
Family: Ardeidae
Herons (65 species)
Family: Scopidae
Hammerkop (1 species)
Flamingos (5 species)
Family: Pelecanidae
Subfamily: Balaenicipitinae
Shoebill (1 species)
Subfamily: Pelicaninae
Pelicans (8 species)
Family: Ciconiidae
Subfamily: Cathartinae
New World Vultures (7 species)
Subfamily: Ciconiinae
Storks (19 species)
Family: Fregatidae
Frigatebirds (5 species)
Family: Spheniscidae
Penguins (17 species)
Family: Gaviidae
Loons (5 species)
Subfamily: Procellarinae
Fulmars (81 species)
Subfamily: Diomedeinae
Albatrosses (14 species)
Subfamily: Hydrobatinae
Storm-Petrels (20 species)

New Zealand Wrens (4 species)
Family: Pittidae
Pittas (31 species)
Family: Eurylaimidae
Broadbills (14 species)
Asities (4 species)
Family: Tyrannidae
Sapayoa (1 species)
Subfamily: Pipromorphinae
Subfamily: Tyranninae
Tyrant Flycatchers (356 species)
Subfamily: Tityrinae
Tribe: Schiffornithini
Schiffornis (3 species)
Tribe: Tityrini
Becards and Tityras (20 species)
Subfamily: Cotinginae
Cotingas (71 species)
Subfamily: Piprinae
Manakins (54 species)

Antshrikes (214 species)
Family: Furnariidae
Subfamily: Furnariinae
Ovenbirds (240 species)
Subfamily: Dendrocolaptinae
Woodcreepers (53 species)

Gnateaters (8 species)
Tapaculos (55 species)
Treecreepers (7 species)
Family: Menuridae
Subfamily: Menurinae
Lyrebirds (2 species)
Subfamily: Atrichornithinae
Scrub-birds (2 species)
Bowerbirds (20 species)
Family: Maluridae
Subfamily: Malurinae
Tribe: Malurini
Fairywrens (15 species)
Tribe: Stipiturini
Emuwrens (3 species)
Subfamily: Amytornithinae
Grasswrens (8 species)
Family: Meliphagidae
Honeyeaters (182 species)
Family: Pardalotidae
Subfamily: Pardalotinae
Pardalotes (4 species)
Subfamily: Dasyornithinae
Bristlebirds (3 species)
Subfamily: Acanthizinae
Tribe: Sericornithini
Scrubwrens (24 species)
Tribe: Acanthizini
Family: Petroicidae
Australasian Robins (44 species)
Family: Irenidae
Family: Laniidae
Shrikes (30 species)
Family: Vireonidae
Vireos and Allies (52 species)

Family: Corvidae
Subfamily: Cinclosomatinae
Subfamily: Corcoracinae
Subfamily: Pachycephalinae
Tribe: Neosittini
Sittellas (2 species)
Tribe: Mohouini
Mohoua (3 species)
Tribe: Falcunculini
Shrike-tits (3 species)
Tribe: Pachycephalini
Subfamily: Corvinae
Tribe: Corvini
Jays (119 species)
Tribe: Paradisaeini
Birds-of-Paradise (46 species)
Tribe: Artamini
Australian Magpie (24 species)
Tribe: Oriolini
Subfamily: Dicrurinae
Tribe: Rhipidurini
Fantails (42 species)
Tribe: Dicrurini
Drongos (24 species)
Tribe: Monarchini
Monarchs (98 species)
Subfamily: Aegithininae
Ioras (4 species)
Subfamily: Malaconotinae
Tribe: Malaconotini
Bushshrikes (49 species)
Tribe: Vangini
Helmetshrikes (58 species)
Family: Callaeatidae
Palmchat (1 species)
Tribe: Ptilogonatini
Silky-flycatchers (4 species)
Tribe: Bombycillini
Waxwings (3 species)
Family: Cinclidae
Dippers (4 species)

Family: Muscicapidae
Subfamily: Turdinae
Thrushes (180 species)
Subfamily: Muscicapinae
Tribe: Muscicapini
Old World Flycatchers (117 species)
Tribe: Saxicolini
Chats (156 species)
Family: Sturnidae
Starlings and Mynas (114 species)
Tribe: Mimini

Family: Sittidae
Subfamily: Sittinae
Nuthatches (24 species)
Subfamily: Tichodrominae
Wallcreeper (1 species)
Family: Certhiidae
Subfamily: Certhiinae
Tribe: Certhiini
Tree-Creepers (6 species)
Tribe: Salpornithini
African Creeper (1 species)
Subfamily: Troglodytinae
Wrens (80 species)
Subfamily: Poplioptilinae
Verdin (15 species)
Family: Paridae
Subfamily: Remizinae
Penduline-tits (12 species)
Subfamily: Parinae
Chickadees (54 species)
Family: Aegithalidae
Long-tailed Tits (8 species)
Family: Hirundinidae
Subfamily: Pseudochelidoninae
River-Martins (2 species)
Subfamily: Hirundininae
Family: Regulidae
Kinglets (6 species)
Family: Pycnonotidae
Bulbuls (138 species)
Family: Hypocoliidae
Hypocolius (0 species)

Family: Cisticolidae
African Warblers (120 species)
Family: Zosteropidae
White-eyes (95 species)
Family: Sylviidae
Subfamily: Acrocephalinae
Leaf-warblers (223 species)
Subfamily: Megalurinae
Grass-warblers (22 species)
Subfamily: Garrulacinae
Laughingthrushes (54 species)
Subfamily: Sylviinae
Tribe: Timaliini
Babblers (236 species)
Tribe: Chamaeini
Wrentit (1 species)
Tribe: Sylviini
Sylvia Warblers (23 species)

Family: Alaudidae
Larks (91 species)
Subfamily: Promeropinae
Sugarbirds (2 species)
Subfamily: Nectariniinae
Tribe: Dicaeini
Flowerpeckers (44 species)
Tribe: Nectariniini
Berrypeckers (6 species)
Tribe: Toxorhamphini
Longbills (4 species)
Family: Passeridae
Subfamily: Passerinae
Old World Sparrows (36 species)
Subfamily: Motacillinae
Wagtails and Pipits (66 species)
Subfamily: Prunellinae
Accentors (13 species)
Subfamily: Ploceinae
Weavers (118 species)
Subfamily: Estrildinae
Tribe: Estrildini
Estrildine Finches (141 species)
Tribe: Viduini
Whydahs (15 species)

Family: Fringillidae
Subfamily: Peucedraminae
Olive Warbler (1 species)
Subfamily: Fringillinae
Tribe: Fringillini
Tribe: Carduelini
Cardueline Finches (138 species)
Tribe: Drepanidini
Subfamily: Emberizinae
Tribe: Emberizini
Buntings (167 species)
Tribe: Parulini
Wood Warblers (116 species)

Family: Fringillidae
Subfamily: Emberizinae
Tribe: Thraupini
Tanagers (424 species)
Tribe: Cardinalini
Cardinals (43 species)
Tribe: Icterini