Birds of the World

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(17 species)

Family Turnicidae

Small Buttonquail  (Turnix sylvatica)   
Red-backed Buttonquail  (Turnix maculosa)   
Black-rumped Buttonquail  (Turnix nana)   
Hottentot Buttonquail  (Turnix hottentotta)   
Yellow-legged Buttonquail  (Turnix tanki)   
Spotted Buttonquail  (Turnix ocellata)   
Barred Buttonquail  (Turnix suscitator)   
Madagascar Buttonquail  (Turnix nigricollis)   
Black-breasted Buttonquail  (Turnix melanogaster)   
Chestnut-backed Buttonquail  (Turnix castanota)   
Buff-breasted Buttonquail  (Turnix olivii)   
Painted Buttonquail  (Turnix varia)   
Worcester's Buttonquail  (Turnix worcesteri)   
Sumba Buttonquail  (Turnix everetti)   
Red-chested Buttonquail  (Turnix pyrrhothorax)   
Little Buttonquail  (Turnix velox)   
Lark Buttonquail  (Ortyxelos meiffrenii)